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Ariel Schrag


Ariel Schrag

Ariel Schrag

Books by Ariel Schrag

by Ariel Schrag - Graphic Novel

Totally true and achingly honest, with every cringe-inducing encounter and exhilarating first moment documented --- Awkward and Definition is an unflinching look at what it's like being a teenage girl in America.

Edited by Ariel Schrag - Anthology, Fiction, Graphic Novel

A very unscientific poll recently revealed that 99.9% of all people who attended middle school hated it. Fortunately, some of those people have grown up to be clever and talented comic artists, with an important message to share: Everyone can survive middle school! Edited by underground comics icon Ariel Schrag, this anthology of illustrated tales about the agonies and triumphs of seventh and eight grade features some of America's leading graphic novelists.