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Chris Schweizer


Chris Schweizer

Chris Schweizer has been a college professor, a hotel manager, a movie theater projectionist, a guard at a mental hospital, a martial arts instructor, a set builder, a church music leader, a process server, a life-drawing model, a bartender, a car wash attendant, a bagboy, a delivery boy, a choirboy, a lawn boy, a sixth-grade social studies teacher, a busker, a janitor, a speakeasy operator, a video store clerk, a field hand, a deck hand, a puppeteer for a children’s television show, a kickboxer and a line worker at a pancake mix factory. But now he’s a cartoonist, and he likes that best.

Chris Schweizer

Books by Chris Schweizer

by Chris Schweizer - Children's, Children's 9-13, Children's Nonfiction, Comic Books, Graphic Novel, Nonfiction, Technology

Lena, Mason, Abner, Rocky and Esther only have one thing in common: They’re crazy about cars. A few of them already have their driver’s licenses. And even though Rocky and Esther are too young to drive, they still have a lot questions. In Car Club, Ms. Gritt has all the answers. When is the best time to check the oil? How do you change a tire? And why is Mason’s car making that squeaky noise? Follow along as Ms. Gritt covers all the basics of preventative maintenance and roadside repairs. Colorful diagrams illustrate the inner workings of complex parts and systems. With FIX A CAR! you can keep your automobile in tip-top shape!

by Chris Schweizer - Graphic Novel

Legionnaire Peter Crogan faces questions of loyalty, ethics and justice during a Tuareg invasion in North Africa in 1912. With a hot-headed hero as his new Captain, Peter must decide what is right and what is wrong in a world where nothing is black and white, only gray.

written and illustrated by Chris Schweizer - Graphic Novel