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Interview: P. C. Cast, author of House of Night: Legacy

Jul 12, 2012

Bestselling prose author branches out into comics with her supernatural House of Nightcomics. But these aren't just adaptations of her popular books. Instead, these fill in the blanks in between books, offering new insights into her characters and her stories. Here's her take on working in comics.

Interview: Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn: The Graphic Novel

Jun 13, 2012

Peter S. Beagle’s beloved novel The Last Unicorn was published in 1968, followed by a successful children’s film in 1982. Now it has been made into a graphic novel published by IDW and another manga-inspired Last Unicorn is in the works. GraphicNovelReporter spoke to Beagle about the process of making The Last Unicorn into a graphic novel, how he originally came up with some of the characters for it, and which of his other works are being adapted to the comics medium.

Interview: Gene Ambaum, author of Poopy Claws

May 8, 2012

Gene Ambaum is a teen-services librarian who is half (along with co-creator Bill Barnes) of the force behind the hilarious comic Unshelved. He’s also now the writer of an all-ages graphic novel called POOPY CLAWS, the story of a very messy cat. We talked to Ambaum about his new book and his upcoming plans.

Interview: Cecil Castellucci, author of The Year of the Beasts

May 4, 2012

Bestselling YA author Cecil Castellucci tackles a dual challenge in her new book, Year of the Beasts, a hybrid novel and graphic novel. Here, she talks about the book and its unique format.

Interview: Ryan Inzana, author of Ichiro

May 4, 2012

Combining ancient Japanese myths with a powerful modern storyline, Ryan Inzana has created a bold new adventure. He discusses the work that went into making this captivating tale here.