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Interview: Derf Backderf, author of My Friend Dahmer

Mar 1, 2012

Long before he became a cartoonist and writer, Derf Backderf was unwittingly part of a horrifying story: He was a classmate of Jeffrey Dahmer. Once the serial killer’s awful crimes began to come to light, Backderf went back into his own memories, and those of his other friends, to see what happened. The result is the shocking and honest memoir My Friend Dahmer.

Interview: Faith Erin Hicks, author of Friends with Boys

Feb 28, 2012

Throughout the pages of Friends with Boys, we meet a young heroine who, after a lifetime of being homeschooled, must face the prospect of high school after her mom leaves. What follows is a quietly charming coming-of-age story about friendship, love, identity, and more. Artist and writer Faith Erin Hicks tackles issues big and small with grace and aplomb in the book, which she takes us behind the scenes of here.

Interview: Mark Long, author of The Silence of Our Friends

Jan 17, 2012

Mark Long tells a fascinating sub-chapter of the Civil Rights Movement in The Silence of Our Friends, based on a true experience his own father went through. In this interview he discusses the truth behind the story, how far we've come since then...and how much we haven't.

Interview: Keshni Kashyap, author of Tina's Mouth: An Existential Comic Diary

Jan 13, 2012

Writer Keshni Kashyap discusses what makes her heroine, a high school sophomore discovering the philosophies of Jean-Paul Sartre, exist…and grow.

Interview: Larry Gonick, author of The Cartoon Guide to Calculus

Dec 27, 2011

For nearly 40 years, cartoonist and professor Larry Gonick has been using comics to educate. From history to science to mathematics to sex, there’s very little Gonick hasn’t covered, and even more, he’s shown that comics can be just as educational for adults as they are for children. His latest, The Cartoon Guide to Calculus, takes that ever-so-complicated math course we all loved in school and presents it with great depth and style. Here’s how Gonick approaches his works and using comics to reach and teach.