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Interview: Felix Tannenbaum, author of Chronicles of Some Made

Oct 7, 2008

Felix Tannenbaum began small, with a story of robots and what their faulty programming does to them. The story turned into an allegory for how we are all of us programmed, hardwired, in some way. And just because we know, or think we know, what we’re supposed to do, that doesn’t mean we understand why—or what will happen once we do it. That can be a problem.

Interview: Art Spiegelman, author of Breakdowns: Portrait of the Artist as a Young %@&*!

Oct 7, 2008

It’s been 30 years since a young, struggling, and virtually unknown comics artist named Art Spiegelman decided to publish Breakdowns, a massive retrospective of the work he’d done in the six years prior. Today, the reemergence of Breakdowns is an event, a cultural touchstone from a Pulitzer Prize-winning artist. Back then, it was an ambitious, risky, and, Spiegelman freely admits, unasked for.

Interview: David Heatley, author of My Brain is Hanging Upside Down

Sep 30, 2008

The first thing that many people will notice about My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down is how different it looks from many other graphic novels—perhaps most notably in the number of panels on so many pages. How did this format come about?

Interview: Susan Hughes, author of No Girls Allowed

Sep 1, 2008

The bold and vibrant No Girls Allowed is an irreverent, educational look at how girls and women have had to sometimes hide their own gender to get ahead in history. Despite the fact that they had to hide their femininity, they still serve as excellent role models for girls today. Here, artist Willow Dawson explains the reasons and philosophies behind the book.

How did you and writer Susan Hughes meet, and what brought this project about?

Interview: Jeff Smith, author of Bone: One-Volume Edition

Sep 1, 2008

When did you first come up with the idea for the Bone series? What was the inspiration behind it?

I made up the Bones in kindergarten. I always loved cartoons as a kid—reading them, watching them on TV—and so I decided to come up with my own. And that’s when I thought of Fone Bone!