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Interview: Robert Venditti, author of The Surrogates

Sep 13, 2006

In a world that grows ever more complicated and technical and full of computerized aloofness, how human we all remain is a matter of debate. In Robert Venditti’s vision of a future world, computer technology is able to replace human weakness in every way. Robotlike stand-ins take the place of living, breathing beings in his landmark work The Surrogates, which takes place nearly half a century into our future—a future where aging is hidden behind perfect-looking duplicates. These pseudo-clones can also do things like have sex in your place (neurosensors deliver all the pleasurable sensations directly to your brain), and you can even smoke afterward without worrying about damaging your health (you get the nicotine high sensation, while your duplicate gets all the carcinogens).

Interview: Alex Robinson, author of Tricked

Aug 23, 2005

Alex Robinson is the award-winning writer of Box Office Poison, Too Cool to Be Forgotten, and Tricked, which is being rereleased this fall by Top Shelf. We caught up with Alex to discuss the reissue and his work.

Tell us a little bit about the story of Tricked for those who aren’t familiar with it.

Interview: Lindsay Cibos, author of Peach Fuzz, Volume 1

Jan 11, 2005

It’s not every day a person in your math class ends up being your creative partner. But that’s what happened with Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges. As a team, they’ve published several books, including the three-volume OEL manga Peach Fuzz, winner of the Rising Stars of Manga contest from Tokyopop. The two told GraphicNovelReporter about their work process, how they got started, and the inspiration for their fictional ferrets.