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John Arcudi


John Arcudi

John Arcudi

Books by John Arcudi

by David Rubin and John Arcudi - Graphic Novel

In ancient Greece the first superhero was born. Heracles, the son of Zeus, came into the world with strength, charm, and a fighting spirit.

Groundbreaking storyteller David Rubín (Illustrator on Paul Pope's THE RISE OF AURORA WEST) reexamines the life of the world's greatest champion in THE HERO, chronicling Heracles's incredible adventures, from his innocent boyhood to his meteoric rise to popularity as he tackles the Twelve Labors. It is a journey tempered by a steady decay that never relieves him of his heroic burden. And it is this burden that becomes his only grip on reality as Heracles edges toward his fateful end.

by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi - Comic Books, Fantasy, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Supernatural Fiction

Atomic-bred monsters are killing civilians in the Utah desert, pitting Professor Bruttenholm, guardian of the child Hellboy, and Anders, the agent possessed by vampires, to investigate.