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M. T. Anderson


M. T. Anderson

M. T. Anderson is an accomplished writer who has written a wide variety of titles, including works of fantasy and satire for a range of ages. Anderson grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts. He was educated in English literature at Harvard University and Cambridge University, and went on to receive his MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University.

Before becoming a writer, Anderson held several other jobs, some of which he has used as inspiration for his writing. He worked as a burger flipper, a department store cashier and a radio DJ. His previous novels have included THIRSTY, a vampire novel, BURGER WUSS, a fast food revenge book and FEED, a futuristic satirical novel. FEED was a finalist for the National Book Award and won the L.A. Times Book Award for YA fiction in 2003. It was additionally a finalist for the Boston Globe/Horn Book Award. Anderson has also written a number of children’s picture books.

In THE GAME OF SUNKEN PLACES, Brian and Gregory stay at a distant relative's home and stumble upon an old board game called The Game OF Sunken Places, that mirrors a greater game in which they have suddenly become players.  In the second book, THE SUBURB BEYOND THE STARS, Brian and Gregory continue to have strange experiences....people aren't where they're supposed to be, and houses are everywhere and seem to be taking over the world.  The third and final book, THE EMPIRE OF GUT AND BONE, is published June 2011.  These imaginative, fast-paced fantasies are thrill rides that are part quest, part mystery, part fantasy, and part Abbott and Costello.

M. T. Anderson currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

M. T. Anderson

Books by M. T. Anderson

Written by M. T. Anderson with illustrations by Andrea Offermann - Fantasy, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Mythology

Eager for glory and heedless of others, Sir Yvain sets out from King Arthur’s court and defeats a local lord in battle, unknowingly intertwining his future with the lives of two compelling women: Lady Laudine, the beautiful widow of the fallen lord, and her sly maid Lunette. In a stunning visual interpretation of a 12th century epic poem by Chrétien de Troyes, readers are --- at first glance --- transported into a classic Arthurian romance. A closer look, however, reveals a world rich with unspoken emotion.