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Nathan Hale


Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale is an award winning children's book illustrator and author with a background in scientific and natural history illustration. Nathan has worked in natural history museum display, painting scientific murals for museums around the U.S. He studied illustration at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. He divides his time between picture books, natural history/educational illustration and graphic novels. Books written and illustrated by Nathan Hale: THE DEVIL YOU KNOW (Walker Books), YELLOWBELLY AND PLUM GO TO SCHOOL (G. P. Putnam's Sons), THE TWELVE BOTS OF CHRISTMAS (Walker Books). Books illustrated include: THE DINOSAURS' NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS (Chronicle Books), ANIMAL HOUSE (Walker Books) BALLOON ON THE MOON (Walker Books), THE DINOSAUR STEREOBOOK (Becker & Meyer), and THE JUNGLE BOOK series (Sterling). Graphic Novels illustrated: RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE (Bloomsbury) (Eisner nominated, "Best Book for Teens," CYBIL Award winner, YALSA Great Graphic Novel for Teens, Al Roker's Book Club Pick) CALAMITY JACK (Bloomsbury). Nathan collects LEGO sets and runs marathons (seven so far--marathons, not LEGO sets.) He creates an ongoing webcomic for children, with new posts every weekday.

Nathan Hale

Books by Nathan Hale

by Nathan Hale - Adventure, Children's, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Science Fiction, Youth Fiction

Sid, Axl and Ivan volunteer to make a late-night fast-food run for the high school theater crew, and when they return, they find copies of themselves onstage. As they look closer, they begin to realize that the world around them isn’t quite right. Turns out, when they went to the taco place across town, they actually crossed into an alien dimension that’s eerily similar to their world. Now the group will have to use their wits, their truck and even their windshield scraper to escape! But they may be too late. They may now be copies themselves...

by Nathan Hale - Adventure, Children's 8-12, Fiction, Graphic Novel, Science Fiction

The aliens have arrived. And they’re hungry for electricity. In the Earth of the future, humans are on the run from an alien force --- giant blobs who suck up electrical devices wherever they can find them. Strata and her family are part of a caravan of digital rescuers, hoping to keep the memory of civilization alive by saving electronics wherever they can. Many humans have reverted to a pre-electrical age, and others have taken advantage of the invasion to become dangerous bandits and outlaws. 

by Nathan Hale - Children's, Historical Fiction

Araminta Ross was born a slave in Delaware in the early 19th century. Slavery meant that her family could be ripped apart at any time, and that she could be put to work in dangerous places and for abusive people. But north of the Mason-Dixon line, slavery was illegal. If she could run away and make it north without being caught or killed, she’d be free. Facing enormous danger, Araminta made it, and once free, she changed her name to Harriet Tubman. Tubman spent the rest of her life helping slaves run away like she did, every time taking her life in her hands. 

by Nathan Hale - Children's, Historical Fiction

World War I set the tone for the 20th century and introduced a new type of warfare: global, mechanical and brutal. Nathan Hale has gathered some of the most fascinating true-life tales from the war and given them his inimitable Hazardous Tales twist. Easy to understand, funny, informative and lively, this series is the best way to be introduced to some of the most well-known battles (and little-known secrets) of the infamous war.

by Nathan Hale - Historical Fiction

The Donner Party expedition is one of the most notorious stories in all of American history. It’s also a fascinating snapshot of the westward expansion of the United States, and the families and individuals who sacrificed so much to build new lives in a largely unknown landscape. The graphic novel focuses on the struggles of the Reed family to tell the true story of the catastrophic journey.

by Nathan Hale - Children's, Historical Fiction

ONE DEAD SPY tackles the story of Hale himself, who was an officer and spy for the American rebels during the Revolutionary War. Author Hale highlights the unusual, gruesome, and just plain unbelievable truth of historical Nathan Hale --- from his early unlucky days at Yale to his later unlucky days as an officer --- and America during the Revolutionary War.

written by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale, illustrated by Nathan Hale - Graphic Novel
written by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale; illustrated by Nathan Hale - Graphic Novel

Newbery Honor-winning author Shannon Hale teams up with husband Dean Hale and brilliant artist Nathan Hale (no relation) to bring readers a swashbuckling and hilarious twist on the classic story as you’ve never seen it before. Watch as Rapunzel and her amazing hair team up with Jack (of beanstalk fame) to gallop around the wild and western landscape, changing lives, righting wrongs, and bringing joy to every soul they encounter.