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Archives - January 2008

Interview: Greg Weisman, author of Gargoyles: Clan Building Vol. 1

Jan 23, 2008

Greg Weisman has been professionally involved with comics since his days at college. After initially being at DC, he branched out to work for Disney and sold them the animated series Gargoyles. Though Gargoyles is no longer airing new episodes, Weisman has launched a bestselling comics series dealing with the characters. He told GraphicNovelReporter about how he broke into the comics business, the early stages of Gargoyles, and his latest work with Young Justice.

Interview: Kazu Kibuishi, author of Amulet, Book One: The Stonekeeper

Jan 1, 2008

Following the success of his highly praised Flight series of anthologies, writer and artist Kazu Kibuishi got busy creating Amulet, one of the most fun and creative fantasy stories to come down the pike in ages. Here he discusses both and details what’s in store for each.