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Archives - May 2009

Interview: , author of

May 20, 2009

G-Man, Chris Giarrusso’s awesome all-ages superhero series, is one of the most fun and exciting new properties to come down the pike in ages. Here, Chris opens up about his inspiration for the character and how he uses G-Man as a way to reach kids and why comics make you smarter.

Interview: Emmanuel Guibert, author of The Photographer: Into War-Torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders

May 12, 2009

Emmanuel Guibert’s The Photographer remains one of the most impressive graphic works released in the past year. We’re late in getting this interview to you—it took place over the summer at a signing at Word Bookstore in Brooklyn—but it’s worth getting it to you now as a reminder of how great this book is. So enjoy the conversation about one of our favorite books of 2009.

Interview: Joe Simon, author of The Best of Simon and Kirby

May 12, 2009

Editor Steve Saffel has been working in the industry for decades, working behind the scenes for both Marvel and DC. His work has helped him make several important connections, and those connections were integral to his epic new release, The Best of Simon and Kirby. This career-spanning tome reprints some of the defining comics the legendary team produced more than half a century ago, comprising an astounding range of work for a multitude of publishers. Collecting them all in one volume—and giving them the lush, gorgeous colors and paper quality they deserve—was no easy task. Here, Saffel explains how the project came together.