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Archives - November 2009

Interview: M.K. Perker, author of Insomnia Cafe

Nov 24, 2009

If you've been following the work G. Willow Wilson (and you should be), then you know artist M.K. Perker's work. He's been the outstanding artist on Cairo and the ongoing series Air, both of which have received rave reviews. But now he's stepping out as both artist and writer on the newly released Insomnia Café. Here's what the talented creator had to say about his new book.

Interview: Kevin Baker, author of Luna Park

Nov 17, 2009

 “It’s a fun story, and it’s a funhouse story to a degree.”
Those are writer Kevin Baker’s words to describe his brilliant new book, Luna Park, an evocative story of a former Russian soldier still recovering from the emotional wounds of the battle in Chechnya. The soldier has since settled in New York, where he works as part of the Brooklyn mob. There in the shadow of Coney Island, he faces the ghosts of his past and the mysteries of his future through the eyes of his new girlfriend, a prostitute and fortuneteller. “There’s a noir story there, with time travel and all those good things,” Baker says. “I hope people are surprised by it, although there are little hints to the ending throughout if they can find them.”

Interview: Tony Isabella, author of 1,000 Comic Books You Must Read

Nov 12, 2009

If you’ve read comics for any period of time, you’ve probably encountered Tony Isabella some way or another. You may know him as a writer, a comics retailer, a critic, a creator, a beloved columnist for Comics Buyer’s Guide, or as the man behind Black Lightning, the first African-American superhero to headline his own title from DC Comics in the 1970s. In all his time in the industry, Tony has acquired a vast collection of comics and an enormous wealth of reading experience, all of which he puts to good use in 1,000 Comic Books You Must Read, a decades spanning collection for readers of all kinds. Whether you’re new to the format and looking for good recommendations or you’re well-versed in the joys of comics and you want to see which of your favorites made the cut, pull up a chair and get ready to join in the debate. In fact, Tony is getting ready to unveil a website devoted to discussion about the book (“People will be able to go on and make recommendations for the next book, bitch about what was left out, and complain about what was included,” Tony jokes), but first, we got him to answer a few of our own questions.

Interview: Laurell K. Hamilton, author of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: The Laughing Corpse, Book 1: Animator

Nov 11, 2009

The Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter novels have sold more than six million copies and made its writer, Laurell K. Hamilton, a #1 New York Times bestselling author. Recently, Anita took on graphic-novel form, giving her many fans a chance to see their tough-as-nails heroine as depicted by top comics artists. Hamilton gave GraphicNovelReporter some behind-the-scenes information on the graphic novel process, how she wishes she could draw, and the imaginative fun of creating giant cobras.  

Interview: James Kakalios, author of The Physics of Superheroes: Spectacular Second Edition

Nov 3, 2009

Superheroes never fail to impress us. But do they follow the laws of physics? James Kakalios is here to answer the question of what’s the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to adhering to the rules of science. He’s done just that in The Physics of Superheroes, which has just been rereleased in a second, revised edition.