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Archives - December 2009

Interview: John Pham, author of Sublife, Volume 2

Dec 31, 2009

John Pham started out self-publishing his works, which soon got him noticed and earned him a spot as a contributor to the comics anthology Mome before he started his own Epoxy series. After that, he started his own anthology collection, the twice-yearly Sublife, Volume 2 of which is now available. We caught up with Pham briefly and asked him a few questions about his work.

Interview: Eddie Campbell, author of Alec: "The Years Have Pants"

Dec 20, 2009

 It’s been a long, interesting ride for Eddie Campbell. Luckily, it’s been well-documented in comics form. In comics, Eddie assumes the alter ego of Alec MacGarry, who, in the course of 30 years, has grown quite a bit. Campbell documented his life in such works as Graffiti Kitchen, How to Be an Artist, and After the Snooter, all of which (along with many others composed over the years) have now been collected in one giant omnibus, Alec: “The Years Have Pants” (the title refers to how we can tell our appropriate ages by the types of pants we wear). Compiling one’s life in a volume is a massive undertaking, and we recently spoke with Campbell about the process and why he decided to take it on at this point in his life.