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Archives - June 2010

Interview: Cathy Malkasian, author of Temperance

Jun 22, 2010

With Temperance, Cathy Malkasian (Percy Gloom) takes her art to a whole new level. A dark tale of violence set amid a vivid fantastical land, Temperance is an allegory that works wonders. We talked to Malkasian to get her take on the book and what it meant to her to produce this monumental epic.

Interview: Joshua Dysart, author of Neil Young's Greendale

Jun 15, 2010

There’s nothing like working with a true legend. And when you’re reinterpreting that legend’s work into a new medium…well, you’d better do it right.

That’s just what writer Joshua Dysart did with Greendale, his graphic-novel take on Neil Young’s album of the same name, which has also been reimagined as a movie and a book. So Dysart is certainly in good company. But his graphic novel, with artist Cliff Chiang, extraordinarily brings to life this magical story about good vs. evil and the quest of a young woman to understand both her own nature and the nature of the world around her.

We talked to Dysart about the creation of the book and how it all came together.

Interview: Tracy White, author of How I Made It to Eighteen

Jun 8, 2010

Tracy White is the new graphic novel author and illustrator of How I Made it to Eighteen. She is also an avid online comic author, whose site can be found at

How I Made it to Eighteen may touch on some deep, meaningful, and even sometimes sensitive topics for many teenagers, but it is completely accessible to teachers, parents, and students alike. Honest and unashamed, White’s work is engaging and hard to put down. It’s definite a good, thoughtful read. White discussed the work—and the traumatic time that inspired it—with GraphicNovelReporter.

Interview: Matt Dembicki, author of Trickster: Native American Tales

Jun 1, 2010

After thousands of years of oral tradition, some Native American tales have found graphic novel form with Trickster. The idea came from artist Matt Dembicki, who made it his mission to create a graphic novel anthology with Native American storytellers. English teacher Michael Thompson of the Muskogee tribe is one of those storytellers, having retold “Rabbit and the Tug of War” for the book. Dembicki and Thompson told GraphicNovelReporterabout the creation process and the importance of keeping Native American stories alive.