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Archives - May 2011

Interview: Gilad Seliktar, author of Farm 54

May 26, 2011

The brother-and-sister team of Galit (the writer) and Gilad (the illustrator) Seliktar discuss their moving, challenging new bookFarm 54, which weaves Galit's real-life stories of growing up in Israel with some subtle fictional nuances to create a mesmerizing experience. Here's how the two describe the book. 

Interview: Brooke Gladstone, author of The Influencing Machine

May 23, 2011

As host of NPR’s On the Media, reporter and writer Brooke Gladstone has some unique and interesting opinions about the role of media in our lives and how it affects us. But also, as she points out in her new book, The Influencing Machine, we have a huge say in how we affect it: That is, the media is a mirror reflecting society for better or for worse. More challenging ideas abound in this fun, insightful book, and we’re happy to give Brooke the forum in which to discuss it. Here’s her take on all things media. 

Interview: Jennifer L. Holm, author of Squish, Super Amoeba, No. 1

May 10, 2011

Squish, a new early-reader graphic novel series starring a single-celled super amoeba and a few of his single-celled friends, is brought to us by a pretty familiar early-reader graphic novel dynamic duo. Jennifer and Matthew Holm are the successful brother-sister, writer-artist team behind the Babymouse series, and in this new follow-up series about a character named Squish, they seem to have two new goals in mind. First, they are out to introduce readers to a whole new set of characters, adventures, and epic single-celled battles between good and evil. Second, they are clearly cognizant that Squish, his friends, and their adventures provide an excellent opportunity for early-reader teachers of both language arts and science.

Interview: Jason Shiga, author of Empire State: A Love Story (or Not)

May 1, 2011

Love makes us do crazy things. For writer/artist Jason Shiga, it inspired a cross-country bus trip to meet up with the girl he’d lost his heart, a trip that inspired the hilariously funny and charming Empire State, now out. It’s a look at the down side of love, but it’s also heartwarming in its own way, a slight departure for the radically creative talent behind Meanwhile. Here’s what Shiga had to say about the book.