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Archives - December 2011

Interview: Larry Gonick, author of The Cartoon Guide to Calculus

Dec 27, 2011

For nearly 40 years, cartoonist and professor Larry Gonick has been using comics to educate. From history to science to mathematics to sex, there’s very little Gonick hasn’t covered, and even more, he’s shown that comics can be just as educational for adults as they are for children. His latest, The Cartoon Guide to Calculus, takes that ever-so-complicated math course we all loved in school and presents it with great depth and style. Here’s how Gonick approaches his works and using comics to reach and teach.

Interview: Royden Lepp, author of Rust: Visitor in the Field

Dec 13, 2011

It’s been decades since robot soldiers were created to win a human war. In the years that have passed, peace has seemingly settled in on this seemingly very earthlike planet…but now a robot with a childlike appearance has come to a small family farm, being chased by a wildly violent, much larger android. That’s the beginning of Royden Lepp’s creative and inventive new book, Rust, the first in a series. Here’s Lepp’s take on the story that is about to unfold for readers.

Interview: Tom Pomplun, author of African-American Classics: Graphic Classics Volume 22

Dec 1, 2011

Co-editors Tom Pomplun and Lance Tooks discuss the work behind their new book, African-American Classics, which features the works of Trevor von Eeden, Jeremy Love, Christopher Priest, and many others.