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Archives - August 2013

Interview: Gene Luen Yang, author of Boxers & Saints Boxed Set

Aug 30, 2013

All told, Gene Luen Yang just released about 500 pages’ worth of graphic novel. He’s spread that out over two phenomenal books, Boxers and Saints, both of which detail the Boxer Rebellion from decidedly different viewpoints. We took a walk back through history with Yang and interviewed him about the creation of these two impressive titles.

Interview: Dara Naraghi, author of Persia Blues, Vol. 1: Leaving Home

Aug 14, 2013

Two stories --- one set in a fantastical past, one in modern-day Iran --- are told in Dara Naraghi and Brent Bowman’s Persia Blues. The tales, each focused on a woman named Minoo, are vastly different yet united by a common sensibility. As Book One of this series unfolds, we see two very different takes on what it means to be a strong woman in a culture that doesn’t encourage strong women. We talked with Naraghi and Bowman about their impressive first book and what to expect as the series continues.