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Archives - October 2013

Interview: Sheila Keenan, author of Dogs of War

Oct 22, 2013

Former graphic novel editor Sheila Keenan has jumped over to the other side of the business and is now a graphic novel writer. She shares three stories of  man's best friend helping us out in some of our darkest times: in wartime. In Dogs of War, her new book with artist Nathan Fox, she jumps through three periods of wartime to show some truly heroic canines. Here, she gives us the scoop behind the stories.

Interview: Louis L'Amour, author of Law of the Desert Born

Oct 9, 2013

The late, great Louis L’Amour is synonymous with the Western novel. Now, writer and graphic novel packager Charles Santino is working with L’Amour’s son Beau, as well as writer Katherine Nolan and illustator Thomas Yeates on a new graphic novel release of an old L’Amour short story, Law of the Desert Born. We talked to Santino about what it means to be a graphic novel packager and how the L’Amour project came about.