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Warren Ellis


Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis is the award-winning creator of graphic novels such as Fell, Ministry of Space, Planetary and Transmetropolitan, and the author of the novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN. His graphic novel RED was adapted into the #1 hit film of the same name starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren. He lives in London.

Warren Ellis

Books by Warren Ellis

by Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay - Comic Books, Graphic Novel

"You are not dreaming. We are trying to communicate with you. Local reality has been reinstalled. Things have gone wrong. The revision has corrupted. Finding Ethan Crane is your supreme priority. Do not trust Darius Dax. We are all going to die."

SUPREME: Blue Rose re-introduces the central Image Comics character Supreme, in a multi-layered and often hallucinatory mystery presented by New York Times bestselling writer Warren Ellis and acclaimed new artist Tula Lotay in her astonishing graphic novel debut.

by Warren Ellis and Mike McKone - Graphic Novel, Superhero

The first in a series of all-new comic stories published directly in book form!

Written by Warren Ellis, illustrated by Darick Robertson - Graphic Novel

The forces of darkness are closing in on outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem and his merry, filthy band --- but now they’ve got their own rope around the neck of corrupt President Callahan, and it’s time to start tightening the noose.

by Warren Ellis and Kaare Andrews - Fiction, Graphic Novel, Superhero

Something's happening in the tiny East African city of Mbangwi. Something that requires immediate investigation. A newborn sprouts metal electrodes and explodes, taking out an entire hospital. Is this the first wave of mutant rebirth that the X-Men have been praying for...or something very, very different? Something sinister?

by Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis has his heroes think globally as they kick butt locally, stopping or slowing down to consider how they can use their powers to "make the world a better place."

by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday

This graphic novel features the adventures of Elijah Snow, a hundred year old man, Jakita Wagner, an extremely powerful and bored woman, and The Drummer, a man with the ability to communicate with machines. Infatuated with tracking down evidence of super-human activity, these mystery archaeologists of the late 20th Century uncover unknown paranormal secrets and histories.