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February 4, 2009

An Award for Toon Books


Congratulations to Toon Books for winning the coveted Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor from the American Library Association. Toon Books was founded by Françoise Mouly, who is the art editor for The New Yorker, and Art Spiegelman (legendary creator of Maus) to supply age-appropriate graphic novels for kids four and older. They won the award for the book Stinky by Eleanor Davis.

Françoise was rightfully proud of the win. She tells GNR, “This is wonderful news; the fact that the ALA chose to honor a first-time author (Eleanor is a scant 25 years old) doing a breakthrough format (a comic book easy-reader) from a publisher that just launched (we’re less than a year old) is vindication and validation for all our efforts. We’re all thrilled and proud and eager to celebrate with pickled onions and pickled bananas. Hooray for Stinky!”
I had the pleasure of meeting Françoise this past weekend at the ICv2 conference right before New York Comic-Con, and I’m happy to see Toon getting this award. She and I spoke briefly right after her husband, Art Spiegelman, delivered the keynote address for the conference. Both Françoise and Art have been good to us here at GNR, and we all think the work they’re doing with Toon Books is incredible and so very needed. Congratulations! (Be sure to check out the Toon Books site for more on their books, and read a review of some of their books here.)