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April 1, 2009

Watchmen: What GNR Readers Are Saying

Posted by tom

Thanks to everyone who entered our Watchmen movie contest. We appreciate your feedback! Here, we share some of the opinions readers gave about the movie.

“I was pleasantly surprised how well the concept translated to the screen. This is a fully realized vision. Grand kudos to Zack Snyder!”
—David, Old Hickory, TN
“In a word: awesome!”
—Kisah, Delray Beach, FL
“I really liked the movie. I would love to read the book.”
—Stacie, Clementon, NJ
“I think it was worth all the hype.”
—Dan, Andover, NJ
“Awesome! The special effects are mind blowing. This is a movie to see again and again.”
—Helen, Tewksbury, MA
“I was enthralled by the accuracy of the paradox: Those who are conflicted by their own darkness who rise to perform acts of good. The movie’s portrayal resonated with the struggle to overcome the seduction to succumb to our own desires, rather than rescue another. This movie makes a deep impression and permits one a glimpse into the internal recesses of the damaged who chose to survive.”
—Deborah, Cape May Court House, NJ
“I was bracing for the movie to be a complete disappointment, but I liked it. It stayed much more true to the story than I thought was even possible. For an ‘unfilmable’ book, it transferred pretty well.”
—Megan, Fargo, NE
“The movie was slow at the start but built up excitement as it went on.”
—Tracey, Bessemer, AL
“I think the casting was perfect. The actors were awesome!”
—Josephine, San Francisco, CA
“The costumes and characters are really awesome. The plot I think is well thought out and very intriguing as it twists and turns through history, including a little bit of everything. Overall, the visual was very good and it keeps you interested.”
—Michelle, Columbus, GA
“I saw the midnight showing of Watchmen. It was awesome.”
—Arden, Eastpointe, MI
“Thrilling. This is a movie to watch in the theater. And, despite it being a bit dated, the movie captures most of the themes in the original graphic novel. Most importantly, the movie made me want to reread the graphic novel. Rarely, if ever, does a movie make that achievement.”
—Dan, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
“I am ready to see this movie. I have heard about it for so many months from my husband. I just hope that it doesn’t disappoint. I am a huge comic movie fan, always have been. So I have high expectations for this one. I am looking forward to the tie-in with the other recent comic movies.”
—Melissa, Cornelius, NC
“It’s all about Jackie Earle Haley!”
—Sharyl, Hudson, NH
“Well, the book is substantially better than the movie! I am normally a big fan of these types of movies and this one has its appeal, but it could have been better!”
—Tricia, Davie, FL
“The special FX are awesome!”
—Susan, Albuquerque, NM
“Really interesting movie. I think I’ll have to watch it a few more times to catch everything that is going on.”
—Charles, Richmond, VA
“I loved it. It wasn’t a perfect film, but even with the changes I feel it was a well-done adaptation.”
—David, Coral Springs, FL
“I loved the re-creation of events in history over the beginning titles. The rest of the movie seemed choppy, like the writer just took individual scenes from the graphic novel but didn’t put the connecting parts in.”
—Diane, Hesperia, CA
“I never thought that this movie would be made or was even possible. It is amazing and I think it is a work of art!”
—Denis, Belfast, ME
“Finally a movie that lives up to the hype. I am a HUGE sci-fi fan and love this movie. I am now waiting for the DVD so I can watch it whenever I want.”
—Betty, Honea Path, SC
“I thought the movie was good; it definitely laid the background and got me interested in reading the books. I do wish they had explained how the Watchmen got together in the first place a bit more.”
—Anna, Astoria, NY
“I saw the movie last night—loved it! I’m a huge fan of the graphic novel and I even loved the changes. I actually think it worked better than the ending in the graphic novel!”
—Holly, Akron, OH
“It had great CGI effects. A-one entertainment!”
—Bob, West Valley City, UT
“Pretty good, I just wish there wasn’t so much sexual content—really not needed.”
—Galen, Tallahassee, FL
Watchmen is the movie to see for 2009.”
—Ginger, Ten Mile, TN
“An excellent action-packed thriller—the characters were portrayed almost like the people in the book. I would see it again and again!”
—Brigette, Chicago, IL
“I liked it a lot. The previews looked great and the movie didn’t disappoint!”
—Dena, Bremerton, WA
“The Watchmen film is a faithful yet refreshing take on the masterpiece graphic novel. My only complaint is that the film wasn’t 3 hours longer.”
—Robert, Forest Hill, NY
“I thought the movie was brilliant visually. My favorite scenes were the first two: the introduction showing the history of the original group and the murder scene of The Comedian. The soundtrack was surprising yet very fitting, varying between Simon & Garfunkel and My Chemical Romance.
I felt the movie was slightly too long and did have a few differences from the graphic novel. I went with someone who had no knowledge of Watchmen and he was able to follow the movie perfectly.
The casting was great. My favorite choice had been Jackie Earle Haley playing Walter Kovacs/Rorschach (I had loved him as a youngster in Bad News Bears). All in all, despite a few instances, I think the movie was great.”
—Priscilla, Worcester, MA
“I saw the midnight showing and immediately bought tickets for the next night. I loved it!”
—Barbara, Charlotte, SC
“Fun movie, better book, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan needs to return to Supernatural.”
—MD, Roswell, GA
“The movie was AMAZING! Every scene was great and I can’t wait to start reading the books.”
—Mia, Lachine, QC
“Fabulous movie! We’re going to see it again.”
—Michele, Brooklyn, NY
“A little disappointed.”
—Catharine, Fair Oaks, CA
“I thought the movie was very good. The story was slightly confusing because I haven’t read the books. I read a lot of the reviews before seeing it. I didn’t have very high hopes but I was blown away by the end of it. The special effects are top-notch, the story is fantastic, I love me a gory movie and I was surprised at all the blood and guts. I sort of wish it went into the characters’ back stories a little bit more though, but I guess you can’t fit that much stuff in one movie. The 3 hours just rolled right by so that was not an issue. The soundtrack is awesome too, but I did feel some of the songs were out of place, like the semi-cheerful tune playing near the end when everyone is leaving Veidt’s place. I didn’t latch onto the characters as much I wanted to though. How can you have sympathy for a naked blue man who just leaves his home planet to destroy itself? All in all, I think it was very good. A 4.5 out of 5. Heck, I liked this better than The Dark Knight.”
—Michael, Cambridge, MD
“The Watchmen movie was amazing! Even with the ending being altered from the novel I still thoroughly enjoyed it.”
—Corey, Tucson, AZ
“I thought it was EXCELLENT, but perhaps should have been 2 movies, because a lot seemed to be missing.”
—Matthew, Wilson, NC
“I thought the movie was a surprising achievement. My biggest complaint is with Malin Akerman. She can’t act. She is painfully bad, and when I found out she was cast I considered not seeing the movie at all. Luckily, she only ruins most of the scenes she’s in, not all. And Jackie Earle Haley and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are so intoxicating that I forgive Zack Snyder for casting Akerman. Other than that, I love the style, the action is intense. I think the ending works a little better for the movie, especially one they are trying to make money from. The end of the graphic novel, giant squid monster, kind of rubs me the wrong way. I think as good as the rest of the book is, that part jumps the shark a tad, but Moore is such a good writer he can make even giant squid thing work to his advantage.”
—Scott, Hays, KS
“I really liked the movie. There was a couple things from the book I was hoping would have been in the movie, but what can you do? My one complaint was that it was unnecessary to constantly show Dr Manhattan’s junk. Put some pants on, dude.”
—Jason, Elko, MN
“LOVED the movie! It made me think, it made me want to read, and it made me want to reevaluate the way I see people in the real and fictional world, both ‘heroes’ and regular folk (and the blurred lines in between the two).”
—Heather, Quincy, IL
“The movie did a good job of introducing a complicated graphic novel/hero deconstruction to a mainstream audience.”
—Michael, Quincy, IL
“I thought the new ending was surprisingly reasonable!”
—Michael, Alameda, CA
“The opening was great, with all of the moments in history with masked avengers added into the mix. But the loss of the newspaper stand kept viewers from ever connecting to the average citizens in that world. The Watchmen all had above-average abilities, and it lost that ‘this is a bunch of possibly crazy normal people who dress up’ side of it.”
—Niki, Cleveland Heights, OH
“I thought the movie was amazing! I have read the graphic novel and the movie was word-for-word with the book. I honestly don’t think anyone could have done a better job!”
—Nikki, Nancy, KY
“Fairly faithful adaptation to the spirit of the book, although portions were cut to adapt it to film. One has to remember that not only was Dave Gibbons a consultant with much time on set, with an offer to storyboard the film, but the graphic novel itself ended up being used as those storyboards.”
—William, Lykens, PA
“Like many others, I was really impressed at the faithfulness of the characterization and set design.”
—Eric, Chicago, IL
“I am really jazzed about seeing the birth of a new format and I am intrigued by the story.”
—Dawn, Sikeston, MO
“I liked the movie! I read the book years ago and recently reread it so I could keep up with the plot. Certainly was a better movie than most made from books. Like Stephen King?! I haven’t really liked any of those movies for years.”
—Peggy, Beckley, WV
“The movie surpassed my expectations. I was concerned the special effects would take center stage, but the script actually developed the characters to a satisfactory level. Overall, it was a job well done.”
—Margarete, Pembroke Pines, FL
“If I had to choose one word—gorgeous! I thought they did a fantastic job of picking up on the really important parts of the graphic novel, resulting in a fantastic adaptation. Some of the music was a bit ridiculous (though I think that was intentional) and they couldn’t quite decide whether Silk Specter II should have five-inch heels or flats. And as pretty as Bubastis was, she probably didn’t really need to be in there. Doctor Manhattan was awesome, and I’m more in love with him than ever.”
—Ash, Ypsilanti, MI
“I really enjoyed Watchmen. Very faithful to the original story, but the changes make sense and/or don’t take away from things. Can’t wait to see the extended cut in theaters in July and/or on DVD, too.”
—Jason, Charlotte, NC
“I hadn’t read Watchmen before seeing the movie, so I didn’t really know what to expect not knowing the story. I thought it was really well done, though, a good mixture of action, mystery and back story (so you get some idea of who the characters were and where they came from). It definitely made me want to check out the graphic novel, just to see if there’s anything I might have missed. I’m always curious about the differences/changes made from one medium to another.”
—Karin, Woodstock, IL
“Although parts were great, especially the montage over the opening credits, the hyper-stylized violence and gore seemed to work at cross purposes with the story.”
—Damian, Champaign, IL
“Faithful to the book, but too much so.”
—Diane, Cedar Rapids, IA
“I thought the movie was very true to the book and no one else could have made a better adaptation.”
—Stacy, Science Hill, KY
“It’s a very dark movie. I’m surprised Hollywood made it, and I don’t think it could have been made closer to 2001. That said, I’m very impressed by it, very moved, and glad it mostly kept to the original storyline.”
—Dusti, Clarksville, PA
“I thought the movie was amazing! Very true to the book!”
—Mariah, Nancy, KY
“Awesome! This is the best movie I’ve seen in a very long time! Even though it is lengthy, I could have stayed all night watching it!”
—Annie, Missoula, MT
“I thought the movie did a great job of bringing the comic book genre to life on film. It was a fun ride and people who love super hero movies or books, action and fun, should go see this.”
—Karen, Daytona Beach, FL
“I liked the movie in general, though I couldn’t stand the Silk Spectre 2. She got on my nerves. I loved Rorschach though.”
—Caitlin, Westville, NJ
“Graphic but great movie!”
—Carla, Toronto, ON
“I was impressed by the movie. It was dark like film noir in color but the camera angles and backgrounds made it interesting. I would have to see it a second time to really appreciate it.”
—Madalyn, Pacifica, CA
“I’m always interested in new art forms and this didn’t disappoint. Genius behind the design team. Kudos to the filmmakers!”
—Kathy, Highland Heights, OH
“I read the Watchmen graphic novel in the eighties and I was thrilled to find out it was being made into a movie. Despite some less than stellar reviews I had high expectations for the movie and I wasn’t disappointed. Visually it dazzled. The casting was perfect and it’s long. I hate being all into a movie and then it’s over before you know it. I’ll be adding the DVD to my wish list.”
—Gail, Philadelphia, PA
“The movie was surprisingly similar to the comic. However, a lot of the emotional impact that was in the comic was not captured on film.”
—Amanda, Mississauga, ON
“I’m so confused! Is the graphic novel any better?”
—Phil, Calgary, AB
“Graphics were good, but lacked character background.”
—Sharon, Toronto, ON
“Loved the look of the movie, but it seemed to have too many characters.”
—Patricia, Palestine, TX
“The film was an extraordinary maze that calls into question whether the ends justify the means. It left out much of what the book offered, even though it was an artful and satisfying movie to watch. Perhaps the accompaniments help to fill in some of the blanks. I highly recommend both the book and the movie.”
—Diana, Coon Rapids, MN
“Excellent film. The superheroes were the most human I’ve seen and I mean that they had the emotions and feeling of regular folks.”
—Brian, Hamilton, ON
“I enjoyed the movie, but the graphic novel was better.”
—Heather, Winnipeg, MB
“I think Watchmen was wonderful and really captures life with superheroes. I think that if we did have superheroes in our world, they’d be like the Watchmen.”
—Ganiani, Toronto, ON
“An impressive adaptation, given the compression necessary. It has its faults, as do all adaptations, and if nothing else, it has encouraged thousands to read the book.”
—Torsten, New York, NY
“Seeing the movie makes me want me to read the novel but not the comics.”
—Steven, Stayton, OR
“What a movie! It’s no good for kids, won’t appeal to most women…or probably even most men…even the guy who wrote the book refuses to see the movie! I’m kind of surprised it ever got made. Obviously I enjoyed it though, or I wouldn’t be interested in entering this contest!”
—Eytan, Irvington, NY
“Comic book is better.”
—John, Fargo, ND
“I loved it…I was enthralled. I could not take my eyes off the screen. Even to see if it was 5 minutes to midnight.”
—Doreen, Timmins, ON
“It could have been worse!”
—S, Binghamton, NY
“Finally, a graphic novel movie for grownups.”
—Alan, Niagara Falls, ON
“Since comic books are now distinguished art offerings known as graphic novels, I keep finding more and more movies based on comic book premises. So it is with Watchmen, a violent, vulgar jaunt into a nuclear apocalypse populated by bullies and thugs. The bunch of characters are mostly dull. Silk Spectre II, who’s hot in latex, Dr Manhattan, Nite Owl II, the weirdly brilliant Rorschach and the Comedian are not my cup of tea. This movie did not make me feel any better about comic book art. I’d rather watch Iron Man and Bale’s Batman again.”
—Sal, Clewiston, FL
“I loved it. It was a very intelligent movie, intense and compelling.”
—Caroline, Brantford, ON
“The book was great, but the movie was utterly fantastic.”
—Paul, Peabody, MA
Watchmen is a horror film about nuclear destruction with some strange characters bringing the action. The comic book loving kids and the sci-fi crowd will probably love it and it is very violent and carnal so boys and young men will like it. Plenty of flashbacks and general incoherence in the subplots were very confusing, which makes me think it is no date movie.”
—Kathy, Clewiston, FL
“Graphic masterpiece!”
—John, Hutto, TX
“It was a very interesting movie. It seemed to lull slightly in the middle of the movie, but picked up again. I enjoyed the ending, and felt the actors were appropriate for the roles.”
—Tova, Hubbards, NS
“I thought that the movie was an excellent transition from page to screen. Though there were a few plot point and dialogue changes that I did not 100% love, overall it was well done and very enjoyable, especially to a hardcore fan such as myself.”
—Emma, Oceanside, NY
“It was a little too violent for me.”
—Susan, Pembroke Pines, FL
“Well made, found it followed the story of the book closer than some other books made movies. The changes I didn’t like were Rorschach’s scene in jail with the inkblots (why was there no fire or psychologist story?) and why Dr. Manhattan leaves Earth (the alien would have been better in my opinion). All in all, a decent length and well done CGI for the win.”
—Matt, Pakenham, ON
“The movie looked visually stunning. The actors looked like the characters from the book had walked right off the page. I liked the way it mostly summarized the back story in the beginning credits to save on time explaining it all later. Overall, it was very entertaining and fulfilling to someone who had liked the book.”
—Sarah, Monticello, IA
“I like that the dialogue is very much like the graphic novels and stayed very true to them. All in all, I was very impressed.”
—Stacey, Duncan, BC
“Pure art! Plain and simple. It took twenty years for the general public to really talk about the Watchmen GN as a serious work of art. It may be another 20 for people to realize the Watchmen movie is as well. Zach Snyder did a tremendous job in staying as true to the GN as he could while still propelling the story forward for those not in the know. For a movie to pull off both meeting the expectations of fan boys/girls and the general public; genius. I’ve spoken to both fans and nonreaders of the GN and the results were the same regarding the movie: Awesome!”
—Matthew, El Paso, TX
“I saw the movie and thought it was awesome. I couldn’t wait for it to premier just by seeing the previews. I was not disappointed at all. Terrific!”
—Pota, El Mirage, AZ
“I was a little disappointed in the movie!”
—Terri, Ashland, VA
“I thought the movie was great. The first fight scene went on a little too long, but other than that I didn’t have a problem with it.”
—Al, Smyrna, TN
“The Watchmen movie was a great experience bringing the animated characters to life! Awesome acting and an amazing storyline I feel they did a great job on this one. Thanks.”
—Kevin, Halifax, NS
“Fantastic, awesome, out of this world!”
—Madonna, Paradise, NL
“I like Rorschach’s character even more in the movie than I did in the book. I think the film accurately brought to life a very complex graphic novel.”
—Hope, Caledonia, MI
“The movie’s images were ideal. It captured the grit of the original.”
—Edward, Edison, NJ
“Loved the movie. As close to the original story as possible in a film format.”
—Michel, Bowmanville, ON
“Overall it was a good movie to watch, yet lacked the action I thought it would show. It was long but not boring, simply good to watch yet not perfect.”
—Jennifer, Ottawa, ON
“I love the movie and I definitely want to experience the comic book!”
—Cam, Philadelphia, PA
“I liked the soundtrack. The movie seemed fairly long and somewhat hard to follow. The graphics were incredible and made it worth the watch!”
—Elizabeth, Stouffville, ON
“I thought the movie was both a faithful recreation of the book, and a unique and well-crafted original film. Zach Snyder and film’s cast and crew did a brilliant job of bringing Alan Moore’s complex characters to life.”
—Richard, Coppell, TX
“I think the Watchmen movie is awesome. The effects are incredible!”
—David, Waukesha, WI
“I was wowed by the Watchmen movie from moment one and continued to be wowed until the very end!”
—Vikki, Hewitt, NJ
“It is a must see for all.”
—Nancy, Ocala, FL
“Terrific film! I am looking forward to reading the book.”
—Kathy, Highland Heights, OH
“My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the Watchmen movie. Slow start for us since we had not read the novel yet, however, I am presently reading Watchmen and loving how it is tying together the loose ends for me. My son turned me on to graphic novels last year and they are a pleasant addition to my reading.”
—Ramona, Orlando, FL
“I enjoyed the movie very much. I wasn’t familiar with the comic books so I didn’t know what to expect. But it kept my interest very well. The action was amazing.”
—Reva, Yuma, AZ
“The Watchmen movie was cinematically stunning, but it doesn’t quite do justice to the epic and amazing graphic novel.”
—Libero, New York, NY
“The movie was awesome! My 12-year-old son especially loved it.”
—Audrey, Hamilton, ON
“It’s been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait.”
—Juanita, Brampton, ON
“This is about the movie: I found it disturbing that everyone commented on the nudity and sex and never mentioned the very graphic scenes of violence.”
—Maryellen, Miami, FL
“The movie was excellent, true to the story and its intent. While graphic in its content, so too was the original material, so I had no expectation for it to be otherwise. It was one of the best adaptations from a graphic novel that I have seen.”
—Ed, Marietta, GA
“I loved the movie. I thought it was a good adaptation of the graphic novel, keeping the same ideas and spirit that Alan Moore presented back in the 1980s. I DID NOT appreciate those persons who thought it was appropriate to bring small children to this movie. Not cool!”
—Kristine, Willowbrook, IL
“I’ve only just been introduced to Watchmen. I read the graphic novel before I saw the movie and was really pleased with it. I don’t think anyone could have done Rorschach better Jackie Earle Haley. I’m buying the GN to read again and again. And I’ll be getting the movie when it comes to DVD. It’s just that good.”
—Amanda, Anderson, IN
“My first thought was ‘Wow!’ because of the fantastic visuals. The story was a little confusing, just like the graphic novel. I and my son both enjoyed it and will see it again.”
—James, Columbus, OH
“I think the movie is good to those who have read the books; others will not understand it.”
—Annetta. Chattanooga, TN
“I really loved the movie, but I hadn’t read the book. In fact, I waited until I had seen the movie to start the book. I thought the acting performances were really great.”
—Caroline, Edmonton, AB
“I enjoyed the Watchmen movie—it had the tone of the graphic novel but I would have enjoyed more if they had given more of a background on Ozymandias’s genetic lynx in the film and I would enjoy seeing more of Rorschach’s background leading up to that point. The actor that portrayed him in the movie was fantastic—I felt more for the character in the film than I did in the graphic novel. The special effects in the film, especially with Dr. Manhattan coming back from the accident, were more stunning than what had been in the novel—I was glad to see they didn’t skimp on the special effects—it really made the film’s characters more believable.”
—Sara, Cold Spring, MN
“One has to give serious props to Zach Snyder. He took what has long been believed to be impossible to film and done an incredible job of putting it onscreen. It will have its detractors, especially among the longtime fans of the book who wanted a line by line, page by page reproduction…but THIS longtime fan was wholly impressed and could find nothing to get worked up over. Easily in my Top 3 comic films, behind The Dark Knight and wrestling for #2 with Iron Man.”
—Steve, Eagan, MN
“This is my favorite type of movie about vigilantes!”
—Richard, Winston Salem, NC
“Exciting, graphic, but definitely not for younger kids!”
—M.A., Trucksville, PA
“I enjoyed the movie very much. However, I wished that you had given us a little more information about how the Watchmen ‘became.’”
—Susan, Atascadero, CA
“The Watchmen movie did an excellent job of translating what I had previously thought of as an unfilmable graphic novel. It’s the finest Alan Moore adaptation to date, and it’ll be hard to top.”
—Sara, Blythewood, SC
“A fantastic movie based on one of the most enjoyable graphic novels of all time.”
—Eric, from West Carrollton, OH
“I thought it was GREAT! Finally it got on film. I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD!”
—Lupita from Goodyear, AZ
“Movie turned out about how I thought it would: good for the geeks, boring and slow to the masses.”
—John, Golden Valley, MN
“Impressive effort, but misses many of the subtleties of the book.”
—Phoenix, Berkeley, CA
“I really thought that the movie was amazing and sure they left some stuff out that was in the comic book but most movies are like that. It made me jump out of my seat a couple times. The action was pretty awesome. I really enjoyed watching Watchmen and I would see it again and again because it is worth it!”
—Christie, Ocala, FL
“Awesome movie! It is much better than I expected, and it will stay with me for a long time.”
—Chris, Fort Wayne, IN
“While many comment on the continuity between book/film, this depiction justifies itself many times over. The period color during the opening sequence with historical themes is stunning and moving. A takeaway is that there is a subtle art to everyday scenes we take for granted.”
—Trent, Ashland, KY
“I thought it stayed pretty true to the graphic novel but it just didn’t do it for me. Some things should not be made into a movie. This is one.”
—Tracey, Lebanon, IL
“It was OK, but I consider most Roger Zelazny novels a better movie idea.”
—Michael, Columbia, SC
“It was more adult than I’d thought. This is a good thing BTW.”
—Bob, Covington, KY
“The movie was FANTASTIC. I’ve been waiting so long to see it. I’d recommend it to anyone. I plan to see it again this weekend.”
—Marion, Edmonton, AL
“I’m not the only person upset at the lack of crazy tentacle-monster, but I can’t deny a premium movie when I see it. Simply well done.”
—Bobby, North Sydney, NS
“I enjoyed the movie but was still surprised by how graphic the violence was. I loved the jail scenes though.”
—Michelle, St Albert, AB
“While the movie is interesting on its own, probably the preferred way to watch is after having read the book.”
—Michael, Imperial, PA
“I thought the movie was fantastic. Several of my friends that read Watchmen years ago said the movie was really true to the comic. I’ve been dying to book mooch a copy to find out for myself. The movie was a great story with an excellent cast. Very well done!”
—Lauren, Murfreesboro, TN
“I saw the midnight release and loved the movie. I thought it was very well done.”
—Donna, Oklahoma City, OK
“I’ve waited several years for this novel to be made into a movie! Sooooo worth the wait!”
—Terri, Maryville, TN
“I do not really read comics, but I have seen several of the comic book movies. I had been waiting to see this movie and finally saw it on Sunday. I really enjoyed the movie and the ironies of situation, characters, and ideas. I like how it went into more detail on who the characters were, but I’m still not sure about the Comedian. They do explain a little bit about him but he is still an enigma. Did he get that way through his upbringing or by circumstances? I really enjoyed the music choices. I would see this movie again in the theatres. It was worth it.”
—Leslie, Daylily Hills Spring, TX
“The Watchmen movie looks amazing, and I am really looking forward to seeing it.”
—Michelle, Tacoma, WA
“I did not see the movie, but both my husband and son did. They loved it! My son was given the book by his language arts teacher and he got hooked on it. From that point on, he was just counting the months and days before the movie came out. My husband went to see the movie with our son and he is now a fan as well. It is really good to see a book do so well onscreen and vice versa.”
—Maithe, Miami, FL