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July 28, 2009

Favorite Comic-Con Costume Picks


Carol came to Comic-Con with her camera, and she wasn't afraid to use it. Here are her favorite selections of the gory, the intimidating, and the oddly pragmatic on display at this year's Comic-Con.

See the full selection after the jump, including her picks for Best Overall Costume, Best Boots, and Most Dramatic Costume...all the way from San Diego.

Best Overall Costume: This one had it all --- authenticity, complete attention to detail and fright factor (note those red eyes…there was no camera flash making those happen!)

Best Boots: Why are these boots special? Well, those costumes leave no room for carrying anything, thus the boots became the place for these women to tote their phones/lip gloss and spare change.

Most Dramatic Costume: This soldier was complete with bullet holes and a deadpan expression that he would move into on command as he hoisted his weapon. By the way, about halfway through the weekend, I started to wonder about all those weapons on the floor. I learned that these weapons had been checked to be sure that they were not real and tagged in an Official Weapons Check area located at Door E of the convention center.