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July 29, 2009

Twelve Random Comic-Con Musings


How did people who flew to San Diego manage to get their swords, guns, and other fake weapons on board airplanes? Or was Fed Ex rather busy these last few weeks flying costume weaponry?

People in costume take a lot longer in the bathroom than those who are not in costume.
Zombie blood looks pretty lifelike.

Is it true that a local strip club had their strippers clothed in superhero costumes in honor of Comic-Con?
The way those in costume would strike and hold a pose for the cameras and then pivot to make sure all of those with cameras got their picture made me smile.
Brown hair is pretty boring when brightly colored hair is all around you. I am pondering a new color for San Diego next year.
People in San Diego think I am crazy when I walk on a red light whereas in New York that is pretty normal.
Two pedicabs of note. One was playing the Batman theme song, I guess hoping people would fantasize that they were on board the Batmobile as he pedaled; another blasted Michael Jackson songs, which still seemed newsworthy.
Why from one year to the next do I completely forget the layout of the convention center? Perhaps next year I should do map study in advance to save time and energy --- and extra foosteps. Of course, I do this with every convention center, so why should this one in San Diego be different?
For those who said, "I am sure I will see you in San Diego," and those who said, "I am sure you will run into so and so in San Diego," I have proven that neither will happen without a plan.
How did we find each other at conferences before cellphones, Blackberries, and text messages?
Before you leave San Diego, save the phone numbers of those you met this year. You will need them next year.