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November 18, 2009

Sheldon Dorf, Founder of Comic-Con, Dies


Sheldon Dorf died on November 4 in San Diego. The 76-year-old passed away from kidney failure apparently due to complications of diabetes. We all owe Dorf a debt of gratitude for the magical thing he founded in 1970: the San Diego Comic-Con. What back then was a small gathering of comics enthusiasts grew over the decades into the massive, sprawling convention that brings in people from all over the world to celebrate comics, manga, games, film, and more. Dorf lived in Ocean Beach, one of my favorite little neighborhoods in San Diego. It feels sometimes like a area that never left the '60s, and it's nice to associate such a place with the guy who brought Comic-Con to life. I'm sure next year, when we all venture to San Diego again, Dorf will be memorialized and tributed as he deserves to be. But let's give a toast now to the man who started Comic-Con, a place where all of us feel not at all geeky but instead right at home in our element.