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November 19, 2009

TV Check


Two TV shows with comics-related content have caught my attention this season, one new and one old. The new one, which I'm enjoying quite a bit, is the new conspiracy puzzler FlashForward. I love it (and by the way, I'm going to say I love what ABC is doing this season by preparing for Lost's end with FlashForward and the new V...even if their execution isn't always perfect, I think it's great that the opportunity for good sci-fi on TV is there). Anyway, one of the mysteries of FlashForward is the identity of a person named "D. Gibbons." A nod to Dave Gibbons, one of the creators of Watchmen? It would seem so. I hope Dave is watching and enjoying.

I never imagined I'd be enjoying Smallville so much again, but I am. Granted, the show is an odd mix of things that involve adhering to comics (and movie) continuity while other plots casually shatter it. (Last season's death of Jimmy Olsen was reportedly done to align Smallville with DC's storyline in the comics, in which Jimmy is much younger than Clark...ergo, the appearance at Jimmy's funeral of a young nephew also named Jimmy. But that would hardly seem to address the rest of the big differences between the TV show and the other media's setups.) When you add to all that the fact that Clark (and actor Tom Welling) are getting rather long in the tooth for the setup (and the series doesn't even take place in the titular town anymore), you might think Smallville has stayed a little too long at the party. But instead it's been more fun and interesting than it has been in years. Being moved to Friday nights may have signaled an end for the series, but I can honestly say that it's worth watching or recording if you're a comics fan. This season has started with a bang, and it promises to continue in the same way. Longtime comics readers will I'm sure be pleased to know that a Hawkman storyline is coming soon, as are appearances from several Justice Society members. That alone should be worth tuning in for, but I'm glad the writers and actors on the show have stepped up their games and made Smallville excitingly good again.