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July 25, 2010

Wednesday Report from Comic-Con


San Diego Comic-Con kicked off Wednesday night with a bang. Record numbers of people are attending the show this year, but luckily, Wednesday didn't feel overcrowded. In fact, the air of excitement was there and it seemed to signify a true love for what's going on in comics today (with no real successor to Twilight or Avatar at this year's show, the "tent city" neighborhood near Hall H is a shadow of its previous year's self, for example...but excitement is thriving for ongoing and new comics properties).

The night began with a press conference with the one and only Stan Lee. The amazing Lee is working with Boom! to launch a new line of comics from some very great creators: The Traveler by Mark Waid and Chad Hardin; Soldier Zero by Paul Cornell and Javier Pina; and Starborn by Chris Roberson and Khary Randolph, which Lee described as "so intellectually complex, it makes Star Wars look like a quickie"). The line will be called Pow! and will feature Lee in a lead role.

Check out some pictures of the upcoming books:

The rest of the night was a rapid-fire succession of meetings with old and new friends. Later on today, we'll start feeding you more announcements about upcoming books (including really cool news from Top Shelf), so check back later.