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July 28, 2010

Feature Story: Comic-Con News


San Diego Comic-Con is the place where publishers announce their biggest plans for the year. Here’s some of the developments that came out of this year’s show.

Dark Horse celebrated the release of bestselling author Janet Evanovich’s first-ever graphic novel, Troublemaker. Cowritten by daughter Alex Evanovich, Troublemaker is the continuation of the popular Barnaby series, which features the high-stakes misadventures of the main character, Alex Barnaby; NASCAR driver Sam Hooker; and Beans, the Saint Bernard. It’s the third book in the series.
“I’ve loved comics all my life and it’s really exciting to be working with Dark Horse to produce my very own graphic novel,” said Janet Evanovich. “I’m also excited that I could do this with my daughter Alex (the family comicaholic).”
Both Janet and Alex Evanovich appeared on the company’s publishing panel on Friday, and signed in the Dark Horse booth later that day.
Troublemaker Volume 2 arrives in November.

San Diego-based publisher IDW made several announcements this year. One was the new prose collection Classics Mutilated, a genre mash-up of stories by top-tier authors coming in October. Classics Mutilated offers a different take on the current monster-lit trend by challenging a coterie of major talents to twist fantasy and horror elements with classic tales and icons, creating all-new stories. The first book will feature fifteen stories from writers such as Nancy Collins, John Shirley, Thomas Tessier, Kristine Katheryn Rusch, Chris Ryall, Rick Hautala, John Skipp and Cody Goodfellow. The collection will also feature a painted, wrap around cover by Menton Matthews III. 

The publisher is also planning a new Star Trek book starring epic villain Khan. When he first appeared in Star Trek’s episode “Space Seed,” Khan was an elegant, charming, and ambitious superhuman. After being marooned on an uninhabited planet by Captain Kirk for fifteen years, the Khan of Star Trek II was twisted by loss and driven to the ends of sanity by an unquenchable thirst for revenge. Available with the first issue of Star Trek: Khan: Ruling in Hell will be IDW’s exclusive Khan plush doll. Star Trek: Khan: Ruling in Hell will be written by Scott and David Tipton, with Fabio Mantovani illustrating. The first issue will be available in October.

IDW will launch an all-new, four-issue miniseries featuring Dave Stevens’ beloved The Rocketeer. Coming in 2011, IDW’s The Rocketeer miniseries will be written and drawn by some of today’s finest comics creators, including Mike Allred, Kurt Busiek, John Cassaday, Darwyn Cooke, Michael Golden, Gene Ha, Michael Kaluta, Garry Leach, Bruce Timm, Bill Willingham, and many more. Alex Ross will supply covers.

John Byrne will bring back his John Byrne’s Next Men series with IDW. Picking up where the series left off in 1995, Byrne and IDW will return fans to the world of Project: Next Men. The series will kick off in December.

Finally, IDW announced the Ultimate Alex Raymond Collection: The Definitive Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim, offering two timeless series together for the first time. Ultimate Alex Raymond Collection: The Definitive Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim will include every Sunday strip by Raymond from both classic strips, remastered, restored, and presented in the oversized, 12" x 16" “champagne” edition format. It will be coming in 2011.

Image Comics and Concept Art House will bring China’s bestselling Daomu Series to the U.S. The first issue will arrive in December. This will be Daomu’s debut in the U.S., following a successful graphic novel launch in China earlier this year. The upcoming comic book series is the first of several Daomu releases planned to include games, an animated series, and a feature film.
Mandeville Films’ and Top Cow Productions will join forces to produce a feature film version of Top Cow’s comic book Crosshair. Created by Marc Silvestri, written by Jeff Katz, and illustrated by Silverstri and Allan Jefferson, Crosshair follows a former CIA assassin turned suburban superdad who faces his most dangerous enemy ever—himself.  Justin Weller learns that he has 48 hours until a suppressed program in his brain will turn him into an unstoppable killing machine aimed at the President of the United States.  Weller races against the clock to uncover and reverse the source of his trigger. 

Top Shelf unveiled an extraordinary collection of offerings sure to please a wide range of fans.


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century #2: "1969" by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill

Any Empire by Nate Powell (from the author of Eisner-Award-winner Swallow Me Whole)

The Homeland Directive by Robert Venditti & Mike Huddleston (from the author of The Surrogates)


Super Natural by Matt Kindt (a full-length sequel to Super Spy, starring Amelia Earhart, Harry Houdini, and more!)

The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire (from the author of Essex County and Sweet Tooth)

Incredible Change-Bots Two by Jeffrey Brown (a sequel to his amazing action parody)

Korgi Vol. 3 by Christian Slade

Owly & Wormy Vol. 1: Friends All Aflutter by Andy Runton, licensed by Atheneum (S&S). Full color. Release Date: March 2011

Owly Vol. 6 by Andy Runton, published by Top Shelf

Maddy Kettle by Eric Orchard

Monster on the Hill by Rob Harrell

Pirate Penguin vs Ninja Chicken by Ray Friesen

Okie Dokie Donuts by Chris "Elio" Eliopoulos

Upside Down by Jess Smart Smiley


Infinite Kung Fu by Kagan McLeod

Chester 5000-XYV by Jess Fink

We Can Fix It by Jess Fink

August Moon by Diana Thung

Gingerbread Girl by Colleen Coover & Paul Tobin

Underwire by Jennifer Hayden

The Story of My Tits by Jennifer Hayden

Junction True by Ray Fawkes & Vince Locke

Liar's Kiss by Eric Skillman & Jhomar Soriano


Cigarette Girl by Masahiko Matsumoto (a pioneer of sophisticated manga and early rival/partner of Yoshihiro Tatsumi)

Lucille by Ludovic Debeurme
Yen Plus, the monthly manga anthology from Yen Press, is now available online at And for a limited time, Yen Press will offer free access to the August issue from now through September 10. Each issue of Yen Plus includes the latest installments of popular manga such as Maximum Ride, Daniel X, NightschoolTime And Again, and more. A new online edition will appear on the first Tuesday of each month. Subscriptions will cost $2.99 per month (sales tax may apply), and members will have access to the two most recent issues of the magazine. Each month the oldest issue is removed and a new issue is added, so readers always have access to fresh new manga.