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August 20, 2011

A Brief Note About Habibi


I'm about halfway through with Craig Thompson's new graphic novel, Habibi, right now. The book is slated for release September 20, but I was lucky enough to get a galley. At more than 650 pages, Habibi is not a quick, short read, and the fact that it is so incredibly, jaw-droppingly amazing is forcing me to take my time with this one. The artwork, the story, the vast amounts of detail poured onto every page...they all add up to one of the most incredible graphic novel experiences I've ever had. If it's not on your radar...well, put it on your radar. You want this book. You need to read it. With Habibi, Thompson launches himself into a new league of storytelling. I'm looking forward to writing the review of the book. In the meantime, be sure to check out Thompson's newly launched website for the book for a list of his tour dates, a description, a look at some of the pages, and more. Get ready for this one. It's going to be huge.