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May 5, 2012

Diablo Valley College Awards Its Students’ Graphic Ambitions


Friend of the site Doré Ripley wrote to inform me that Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill California has awarded its annual James O'Keefe Annual Prize for Graphic Literature, which recognized students' graphic literature creations at the school. The prize is named after the late teacher who began DVC's Graphic Novels as Literature course. Doré served on the three-person panel that oversaw the awards, and the ceremony was held on April 18. Here's the list of winners and a description of their works:

Beardruff by Michael Matteri portrays the dilemma of all whiskerphiles, while Riva England’s Wild Thing asks the quintessential dating question. Paulblem by Daniel Clark is a sweet tale of a depressed robot, and Nic Pino’s long form The Roach in Zippity Zaptastic is the tale of a genetically mutated teenager and his trash-can disguised alien robot who must save the world. Maria Castaneda discovers Where Happiness Comes From while Risa Cruz’s Normality is found under a warm and fuzzy blanket. An ezine featuring all the winning entries is available here.