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May 8, 2012

Feature Story: Report from the Birthplace of Free Comic Book Day


“Hear ye! Hear ye!,” intoned Ron Leone, Mayor of Concord, California. “Whereas Joe Field the owner of Flying Colors Comics and the Founder of Free Comic Book Day,”

“And, whereas Free Comic Book Day promotes literacy by distributing free reading material the first Saturday of May;
“And, whereas Free Comic Book Day promotes awareness of comics, an original American art form and entertainment for all readers;

“And, whereas more than one million people in over 40 countries all over the world will be celebrating this unique event that was founded in Concord, California, I hereby proclaim this day Free Comic Book Day in the City of Concord.”
Light bulbs flashed and the crowd cheered as Mayor Leone shook hands with Joe Field, the creator of Free Comic Book Day. Lara Croft saluted with her oversized handgun while an envoy of storm troopers nodded in agreement. The Wolverine served as ambassador for the X-Men. Not to be outdone, the comic creators alliance sent Free Comic Book Day author Zack Whedon, writer of Serenity, and Georges Jeanty, artist of this year’s FCBD Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Zack Whedon wrote both sides of Dark Horse’s FCBD flip book featuring "Star Wars” and “Serenity,” which he autographed for fans as they chatted about Buffy and Fox’s Fringe—Whedon is also a screenwriter.Georges Jeanty’s work in Buffy Season 8 and Buffy Season 9 have been met with tremendous enthusiasm for fans of the TV series continuing its stories into comics and graphic novels. Jeanty autographed copies of FCBD’s Buffy book. The raffled a one-sheet from the new The Avengers movie autographed by the stars driving crowds to the store early.

Outside Flying Color Comics the line snaked past the ice cream parlor, grocery store, restaurant and coffee shop, where an estimated 450 fans waited to get one of this year’s free comics. Every year there are more and more young women and girls waiting to get their top comic picks and this year the fangirls were out droves. Cos players posed for pictures while groups of girls got on Facebook to “Check In” and encourage their friends to “Hurry Up!” A young woman sporting a Star Wars T-shirt and a Betty Boop bob couldn’t wait to see if Batman or Captain America were featured FCBD books. Fangirls work in the store and offer suggestions to girls who just discovered it was kind’a cool to hang with Dad and little brother. Other young women browsed through the comic boxes on a hunt for indie favorites and childhood memories.
Fangirls waited anxiously to meet creators Zack Whedon and George Jeanty, creators of this year’s top female favorites Serenity and Buffy. Other popular books included Star Wars and Wicthblade along with the supercute Mouse Guard from Archaia Entertainment. This hardcover novella features Labyrinth and Other Stories with works from creators like David Petersen and Jim Hensen. The New 52 was a hit,although some girls wanted the reboot to include new “kick-butt” female characters. Everybody enjoyed The Avengers, Spiderman, and Mega Man.
Buzz among fangirls was how much they liked the new Avengers movie, and when I left they were contemplating whether it would be cool to bust out with “My Freeze Ray,” from Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog.