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December 16, 2013

A Webinar for Teaching Comics in Schools


Our friends at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund shared the news that Dr. Meryl Jaffe has just conducted a webinar entitled “Hitting a Home Run: Integrating Nonfiction Graphic Novels in Your Lessons to Meet Divergent Student Needs and CCSS.” The title’s a mouthful, but the content is sharp and well-defined. It’s also a timely look at how Common Core needs can be met by comics. (You can view the whole webinar on CBLDF’s site.)

I’ve been lucky enough to be on a couple panels with Dr. Jaffe, and she’s a top-notch comics enthusiast. She loves the format and sees its vast potential in exciting ways. She’s a great proponent of using comics in the classroom, which is clearly illustrated in this half-hour-long webinar. Watch it for some excellent tips on Common Core and comics.