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Archives - July 2009

July 31, 2009

Comic-Con Report

Sunday closed down the massive Comic-Con with a whirlwind of activity. Most notably the fighting off of exhaustion throughout the day. That's no reflection on anyone else; just the price you pay for trying to squeeze way too much into five days.
Somehow, when I was plotting my Con schedule, I had missed that Ray Bradbury would be here (related story: Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is on our list of the hottest graphic novels of summer). He had been one of the featured guests at the first Comic-Con back in 1970, when the crowd was a mere 300 at the U.S. Grant Hotel. I had seen him three years ago at the L.A. Book Festival in what was one very memorable afternoon. Thus when I learned he was on the lineup, I found my way to the room where he would appear. On the way, I thought I was on the right line, only to be told it was one for Boondock Saints 2. When I said I wanted to see Bradbury, I was told, "There will not be a line like this for HIM." Well, while I did walk in the room without waiting, the room still was filled with what looked like a couple of thousand people, and when Bradbury's wheelchair hoist got him to the presentation level, the place immediately erupted into a standing ovation. The thing about the Con: There's something for everyone.
How did people who flew to San Diego manage to get their swords, guns, and other fake weapons on board airplanes? Or was Fed Ex rather busy these last few weeks flying costume weaponry?
Carol came to Comic-Con with her camera, and she wasn't afraid to use it. Here are her favorite selections of the gory, the intimidating, and the oddly pragmatic on display at this year's Comic-Con. See the full selection after the jump, including her picks for Best Overall Costume, Best Boots, and Most Dramatic Costume...all the way from San Diego. Best Overall Costume: This one had it all --- authenticity, complete attention to detail and fright factor (note those red eyes…there was no camera flash making those happen!)
San Diego Comic-Con is just around the corner, and recognizing the enormous growth of the marketplace with schools and libraries, the con has added several panels of interest. Amidst all the Hollywood onslaught, discussions on major comic properties, sci-fi and related programming, and all the other highlights of Comic-Con, be sure to check out these panels for comics and library information.
Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Stephanie Meyer is bringing her bestselling (to make an understatement) Twilight series to comics with a graphic novel to be published by Yen Press. Details are very sketchy at this point (EW broke the news exclusively, before there was all too much to report), but the site has one sample panel and there's promise of a bigger preview in the issue going on sale tomorrow. If you're a Twilight fan, check it out!
Doré Ripley is a lecturer at Cal State East Bay and an adjunct professor at Diablo Valley College. She specializes in intensive writing and, this year, two of her students took first and second place in the CSUEB annual essay contest. You can visit her on the web at
Middle school is a time of many changes. With children having outgrown the simpler stories of grade school, but not yet quite ready for the more mature works of high school, middle school librarians have to take extra special care of their book offerings. With manga and graphic novels reaching new levels of popularity, particularly with that age group, here’s what some librarians are facing on the job now.
Dave Elliott is the cofounder of Radical Publishing, for whom he is cowriting with Sam Sarkar the sequel to Caliber: First Canon of Justice, Book of the Dead. He is also writing a column on similar lines to this piece for and is editing Fall Out Toyworks, based on a concept from Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and top designer Dr Romanelli, which will be published by Image Comics in September.
Every year, southern California hosts the largest anime and manga convention in the country, Anime Expo. Over 44,000 guests attended this year’s convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 2nd to 5th. For the avid graphic novel reader, a day in the exhibit hall is like a day at Willie Wonka’s factory. That is…if Willie Wonka was a cosplaying, manga-reading fanboy. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that.