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Archives - August 2010

If you're in the New York City area, the goings-on at MoCCA should always be on your radar. Their new exhibit, NeoIntegrity: Comics Edition, is fantastic and runs through next Sunday. Find out more about it here.
Here's a great article by an acquaintance of mine, Anne Trubek, detailing the Ohio origins of Superman and his creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. It's a nice article about the history of comics; check it out.
To mark their one-year anniversary, ComiXology, the digital comics provider, is offering 79-cent comics (marked down from their normal 99 cents). Right now, at their website, you can get discounted comics from nearly 20 publishers, including Dark Horse, Top Cow, and SLG; plus you can get big discounts on more books from DC, Boom!, and others. They're doing a lot to kick up excitement about their anniversary, so check it out!
How do you save the publishing industry? Ask a kid. While things are in a state of flux as the publishing houses scramble to figure out how to deal with ebooks (which definitely are here to stay), they are still only a small part of our world and not the biggest challenge facing the industry. What the publishers should be asking is this: Where is the next reader coming from and how do we get them to enjoy reading?
Here's a very interesting article on how comics can help motivate readers. I loved how it debunked so many of the common myths surrounding being that those who read comics will somehow forego reading anything else. If anything, being a comics reader promotes active reading of more and more things (other comics, of course, but also more and more books). Nice to have this long, footnoted article from the Canadian Council on Learning back that up.