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Archives - January 2011

Building on its publishing roots in India, comics publisher Campfire is growing a global comics base with both original works and comics adaptations of beloved classics. With an ambitious lineup of new releases planned for 2011, Campfire is making a renewed impact on the comics world. We talked with Campfire publisher Andrew Dodd to discuss the company’s roots, its publishing vision, and where it’s going in the months ahead.
We're big fans of Todd Kent's documentary Comic Book Literacy, an ambitious and entertaining look at the history and impact of the format on educational efforts.
Josh Neufeld's graphic work A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge was an incredibly moving in-depth look at several lives affected by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. It's also a book I've recommended to several readers (comics fans and non-fans alike) to great success.
Miami Book Fair School of Comics 2010 was a huge success! But don't worry if you couldn't make it. You can still enjoy and learn from some of the helpful presentations made there by viewing videos from the event online! The videos are available to download through iTunes' program called iTunesU. Just launch iTunes on your computer, go to iTunesU, and search for Bookfair School of Comics.
For nearly 80 years, the world has been thrilling to the adventures of the Green Hornet. First as a radio serial, then as a serial film star, then as a TV show and a comic book character. For a variety of reasons, the character—newspaperman Britt Reid, who dons a mask to fight crime along with sidekick Kato—endures to this day. Now, in a brand-new movie starring Seth Rogen, he’s been updated for a new generation of fans. But comics readers have never lost touch with the Green Hornet. Here’s a sampling of the many books available for modern readers.
January 13, 2011

Great Graphic Novels for Teens

Posted by tom
Each year, the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) division of the American Library Association selects a list of graphic novels suited for readers ages 12–18. Since it first premiered in 2007, the list has been inspiring young readers and guiding parents, teachers, and librarians to make age-appropriate selections for the young adults in their lives. Click here to see the Top 10 GGNFT lists for each year.