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Archives - March 2011

While attendees loved the pleasantly uncrowded atmosphere of the first C2E2, which took place last year, that extra elbow room translated into fewer sales for exhibitors. Whether because of that or because of the economy, the publishers' section of the exhibit floor seemed less sparsely populated this year, although Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Archaia, and Diamond Comics Distributors all had large booths. By the end of the weekend, though, most people were smiling. The show drew 34,000 attendees, according to Publishers Weekly, and they were all ready to buy some comics.
Even if you missed last weekend's C2E2 conference, you can still check out one of the more interesting presentations from the event. Toby Greenwalt's informative Comic Books, Libraries, and Innovation slideshow is now online at his website. Toby is the adult services librarian at the Skokie, Illinois, public library and he's passionate about what he does. Check it out!
Today on Publishing Perspectives comes a report on the Leipzig Book Fair last week. While the piece is on Germany's publishing industry as a whole, there's an interesting comics-related tidbit about tablets and comics readers: Namely, that Germany's digital comics readers prefer using their PCs far more than any mobile devices. The big deterrent to e-readers seems to be cost, as comics fans there don't want to commit to the expense.
With its long tradition of publishing beginning in India, Campfire publishing is perfectly poised to monitor the success of the first-ever comic con in India, which took place last week. Campfire's publisher Andrew Dodd shares his experiences at the convention and explains how the annual event is going to help further popularize graphic novels and comics in India.
Denice Herrera is a librarian at the Decatur Public Library in Decatur, Texas. For the past three years, she's been in charge of the graphic novel and manga section at the library, and she recently began a comics reading club.
A couple of years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and interviewing Shaun Tan. Shaun's a charming, humble, and incredibly talented artist, and he's created one of the most stunning graphic novels of the past few years, The Arrival. As of last night, he's also an Academy Award winner! Congratulations to him for winning for his wonderful film The Lost Thing, based on his equally wonderful book. Shaun has to be one of the nicest guys ever to win an Oscar, and he's definitely deserving of it!
News came down the wire today that comics and animation writer Dwayne McDuffie had passed away. The news was a shock to me, and an incredibly sad thing to hear. McDuffie's work on Icon and the rest of the Milestone Media characters in the early '90s was incredibly pivotal to me.
Congratulations to all the nominees for the graphic-novel category of the Los Angeles Times book awards! The nominations for all the book awards, to be given out at the Festival of Books on April 29, were just released. Graphic novels continue to take on a bigger and bigger presence at the festival, so it’s nice to see the works getting recognized in their own category.