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Archives - November 2011

Bestselling prose author branches out into comics with her supernatural House of Night comics. But these aren't just adaptations of her popular books. Instead, these fill in the blanks in between books, offering new insights into her characters and her stories. Here's her take on working in comics.
Writer, actor, director, and producer, and now heading up Renegade Entertainment, Alexander Finbow has led a diverse and exciting career. Starting up a comic book company, along with a host of other talented creators, is his latest endeavor, and perhaps the most exciting. We talked to him about what it takes to get a new comic company off the ground these days.
It’s been a week since the illustrious success of this year’s New York Comic Con, so we thought we’d check in with Reed Exhibition’s Lance Fensterman, who put it all together. Has he sufficiently recovered in a week? Let’s find out and see what he thought of how the show went this year.
There's a nice profile of Lynda Barry and her writing workshops in The New York Times today. Check it out. Lynda's such a fantastic creator and inspiration. I love that she's getting some proper attention paid to her work.
Graphic novelist Nate Powell (Swallow Me Whole, Any Empire) joined a group of teen fiction writers at the United Nations this week for a special presentation that raised funds for Darfur refugees. Other writers at the event included R.L. Stine (Goosebumps), Ann M.