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Archives - April 2012

Karen Green, Columbia University's librarian for ancient and medieval history, as well as their resident graphic novel librarian, recently helped put together an amazing symposium called Comics New York, detailing the loving relationship and long history shared between comics and the Big Apple. We asked her about the success of the event and the work that went into it. Here's what she had to say.
This is the story of how a few informal conversations turned into a full-blown comic book convention in the unassuming town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. It took the hard work and imagination of dozens of teachers, librarians, college administrators, business people, and professionals in the comic book industry, as well as hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of meetings. It will require two of us to bring you this tale: John Weaver, an English teacher at Williamsport Area High School, and John Shableski, who has worked at the distribution end of comics publishing for many years.
Don't forget: The hotel lottery for San Diego Comic Con opens on March 29 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific/noon Eastern time. Good luck to everyone...may you get the hotel you want, and may the system work flawlessly. Also up this week: the second chance badge resale, which opens tomorrow, March 27, at 8:00 a.m. Pacific time. Here's the info Comic-Con released about it:
Our friend Dave Roman is launching the hardcover release of his Teen Boat series in a very fun, very exciting way. He’s holding the release party on an actual boat, New York’s Waterfront Barge Museum, docked on the Hudson River Park. That’s at Pier 25, which is at West St. and N. Moore St. It’s an all-ages event and guaranteed to be a rockin’ party.