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Archives - January 2013

We're big fans of Derf Backderf's My Friend Dahmer here at GRN, so we were all thrilled to hear that Derf was one of the winners of this year's Alex Awards, which were given at the American Library Association's Midwinter Conference. Congratulations, Derf, and to all the other winners! See here for a full list.
As a new year begins, so does a new semester at Drexel University…and with it comes the onset of The Graphic Novel: Industry and Art. That’s the comics course that Drexel students can now take with Rich Johnson, former vice president at DC and cofounder of Yen Press. We quizzed Johnson about this course, which he describes as “a mix of business and creative.”  
Some of my earliest comics-reading memories are of buying the big World's Finest issues for $1 in the late '70s/early '80s. A dollar was a lot of money to me as a kid, and I had to be frugal with my comics budget (mostly because my parents loathed comics and didn't particularly want them in the house). World's Finest gave me a chance to get a lot of comics bang for my buck, and it served as my introduction to Green Arrow, a hero who doesn't often get his due but is all kinds of cool.
I was very sad to hear the news of writer Peter David's stroke at the end of 2012. He's been one of my favorite writers ever since the early '90s, and his work has always been marked by clever wit and solid craftsmanship. His wife has published a blog entry detailing how people can help. Please check it out if you can, and please send well wishes Peter's way.