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Archives - June 2013

Real Simple asked 31 authors to share their favorite books, and Jamie Ford (who is the author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet) picked a graphic novel for his selection. Blankets by Craig Thompson was cited by Ford as being "An expressive, ingenious graphic novel that also happens to be an unforgettable memoir about first love.” Couldn't agree more!  
Carrie Rogers-Whitehead contacted us recently using the Teachers/Librarians Contact Form, and this is what she had to say: "I order the majority of graphic novels for my library system and use them all the time in teen programs. Recently I have found other uses for them, giving them to refugee teens. I have started doing outreach to a refugee center in our community and have found that the teens really respond to them. These teens do not speak English as their native language and graphic novels help them understand the story better. I have also used them with autistic kids, teens in detention, and others who may not read on their grade level. It's a wonderful way to encourage a love of reading in those who find it hard to read." We were so intrigued by her work that we had to learn more.
Capstone and DC recently announced the winner of a grade-school contest winner that I think a lot of our readers will appreciate. See below for the press release.
As I walked through the doors of the San Jose Convention Center on Saturday, May 18, the first thing I encountered was a line --- it seems you can’t have a con without lines. After I figured out which line to get in, thankfully not the one for people who wanted tickets to meet Stan Lee, I was harassed, or I should say judged, by a couple of uniformed Judges from the Dredd series and found not guilty of cutting in front of dozens of other attendees waiting in the myriad snakes of people. Whew!