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Archives - September 2013

The increasing mainstream appeal of comics has also boosted the sucess of small-press publishers. Marc Arsenault of Alternative Comics shares his insight on the development.
Francoise Mouly, publisher of the children's graphic novel-making Toon Books and the wife of Art Spiegelman, has gotten a nice profile in the National Post's site. It's a great look back at the many years she's spent working in the industry. You'll be shocked and amazed.
Cheers to our friend Dan Kusunoki, who is profiled this week in the blog Los Angeles, I'm Yours. Dan's works at Skylight Books in Los Angeles, where he curates an awesome graphic novel section. He's a bookseller who really knows and loves comics, and his story benefits heartily from it. If you're in L.A., you'll want to check it out. In the meantime, read up on Dan's work at the link.
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