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Archives - December 2013

Columbia University has just released news that its Libraries/Information Services’ Rare Book & Manuscript Library is acquiring the entire Kitchen Sink Press archive, which includes some 30 years’ worth of work from Denis Kitchen. The archive contains tens of thousands of letters and other correspondence from top creators, as well as pivotal pieces in the field of graphic novels, such as works by Art Spiegelman, Harvey Kurtzman, Will Eisner, R. Crumb, Al Capp, and many more. See the entire press release below.
Our friends at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund shared the news that Dr. Meryl Jaffe has just conducted a webinar entitled “Hitting a Home Run: Integrating Nonfiction Graphic Novels in Your Lessons to Meet Divergent Student Needs and CCSS.” The title’s a mouthful, but the content is sharp and well-defined. It’s also a timely look at how Common Core needs can be met by comics. (You can view the whole webinar on CBLDF’s site.)
GraphicNovelReporter is proud to present our list of the best graphic works of the year!
I know there's been some controversy over the relaunch of the Spider-Man movie franchise. I never felt it. I loved the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire trilogy (or at least the first two) quite a bit, and I loved the new take on the wallcrawler that was released in 2012. I think Andrew Garfield makes for a fantastic Spider-Man, and I loved Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy.