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Cosmic Commandos


Cosmic Commandos

In COSMIC COMMANDOS, written and illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos, readers are introduced to twin brothers Jeremy and Justin. Although the two look alike, they could not be more different where it counts: Jeremy is stubborn, action-driven and irresponsible, whereas Justin is his total opposite. Through Jeremy’s hilarious narration, readers are given a quick, but thorough glimpse into Jeremy’s “stinkish” life, from parents who expect him to do chores, teachers who demand too much, and worse of all, a brother who absolutely refuses to stop looking like him.

"COSMIC COMMANDOS was a really fun and funny read....Paired with Eliopoulos’s colorful and bright illustrations, this story is a great one for readers of all ages."

All of this changes when Jeremy discovers a toy at the bottom of his mother’s stinkish new cereal and learns that with a simple twist, he can make his wishes come true. Like any young boy, Jeremy’s biggest wish is to live inside his favorite video game. Now he is the hero and because of some aptly-timed cases of memory loss, no one but his brother even notices the villains stomping all over school or the school bully’s sudden change in size.

At first, Jeremy is overjoyed to learn that he can bring his favorite game to life, but when the villains begin to take on new forms and life is no longer a simple game, he has to turn to his brother, Justin for help. But can he unlock his ability to work with someone else and listen to another’s suggestions, or is it “Game Over”?

COSMIC COMMANDOS was a really fun and funny read. While Jeremy is the star of the book, his brother is no less well-rounded, developed or given his due share of the narrative. Although the lesson of the book is clear, it is not so heavy-handed that it will turn away young readers, while still creating several fabulous teaching moments. The idea of two children working together was fantastic, but I really loved Eliopoulos’s focus on cleaning up after one’s self and learning to take responsibility for messes.

Paired with Eliopoulos’s colorful and bright illustrations, this story is a great one for readers of all ages --- Jeremy’s asides are brilliant and truly laugh-out-loud funny. I cannot wait to see what Eliopoulos delivers next.

Reviewed by Audrey Slater on July 26, 2017

Cosmic Commandos
by Christopher Eliopoulos